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God's Got You Covered

Much has happened since the last newsletter and in that time Ginny and I have seen many hearts stirred. Many of you have been moved in such a way as to help the pastors in India and that has been a real blessing to us as well as these pastors. But in the midst of all this, many of you have also had lots of obstacles thrown in your way and whenever I see this happening, there is always great breakthrough about to follow.

Ginny and I have had our fair share of challenges as well; unexpected bills from things breaking like the furnace that had to be repaired; medical bills that we thought would be covered by insurance and suddenly being denied. You probably get the picture because, for a number of you, the picture has been the same; a different story but the same result.

It is not the most comfortable position to be in at the moment, but from a kingdom perspective, it is the best position to be in. As Ginny always says, we must have really ticked off the devil; he is mad and he is doing everything he can to take our eyes off the Lord and our focus off the work He has called us to do. Satan just wants to distract you; discourage you enough so that you will give up what you have committed yourself to do for the Lord.

If things seem kind of depressing right now, take heart. As my good friend Angelo Lumpkin always says, "I got your back!" Well, God has your back. He will never forsake you in your time of need. That doesn't mean He is going to take away the discomfort of the moment because there may be a purpose behind it. In order to grow in Him, we have to trust in Him and sometimes these inconveniences are a time of testing and growing.

To grow, we have to stretch our faith in Him and like most circumstances, once you are out of them and you look back, you will say "wow, now I see (understand) what He was doing." If that doesn't happen, then you are destined to go through it again.

So from me to you, be strong; stay steadfast in what God has called you to do. And remember, even though our efforts seem small today, they are making a difference in God's kingdom. I think this is what really worries Satan the most; a whole lot of us doing a little bit for the Kingdom each day.

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