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A House that Became a Church

Pastor David Ravi is a pastor from India. His family only has one piece of land on which their personal home is located. Church meetings were held in his home but the congregation has grown too large to fit in his home any longer. Pastor David decided to gut his house and expand it into a church. To him, saving perishing souls and expanding God's Kingdom is more important than his own comfort.

The family is living with other family members at the moment. They are trusting God to care for them as they give up all for His mighty purposes. The cost to raise this church is $15,000. If God has quickened your heart to help, let us know. After this church is complete, Doug and I are hoping for some funds to help him add a couple rooms to the building so that they have a place to live. The pastors in India live very humbly and they don't need much space for themselves. A couple rooms added on the back of the church will suffice for them. Thank you to all those who have already given toward this project. $544 have come in so far so we have a ways to go. We will keep you updated.

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