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Sponsor A Church

Any Amount

Along with helping the pastors meet their personal needs through a sponsor, we also build churches to meet the spiritual needs of their congregation.  When the congregation becomes too big to meet in a pastor’s home, we build a church to meet that need.  And we supply Christian materials for the evangelists and pastors to use in his/her ministry. 

Can you help with any of these needs below for a the churches in India?

Chair - $15

Most churches have their congregation sitting on the floor because the chairs are too expense to buy.  Their church services are over 4 hours long.  Pastor John is currently renting most of the chairs so buying them would be such a blessing for them.

Communion Cups - $25

It not sanitary to drink out of the same cup and so we would like to provide cups that can be used over and over again. 

Ceiling Fans - $100 each

India gets very hot in the summer months; sometimes as high as 120 degrees.  There is no such thing as air conditioning.  The fans give the congregation some relief while spending time worshipping the Lord.

Other - Any Amount

Not sure how you can help?  We have so many unspoken needs in India.  Any amount would be a GREAT blessing to the pastors.

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