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Feed on the Word of God

Ginny has been a Christian most of her life and has a true love for the pure Word of God.  We hope that these teaching will inspire you to come closer to God and burn bright for Him on this earth.

One of the wise old mystics said that when we were born, God put within us a little spark of the divine. Our job is to fan that flame and carry it forward into the world.  And our challenge, the mystic said, is to ask ourselves how close are we willing to come to the fire.

How close are 'YOU' willing to get to
the fire of God?

The Language of Intimacy

Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and receive the power to live out your Christian faith.
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The Power of Your Words
Hearing God's Voice

God's love declares to us certain things about Himself to be true.  These are called His attributes. 

What is God's nature like? How can we recapture a sense of the majesty of God? From power, to mercy, to grace...join us as Ginny shares, through prayerful and insightful discussion, how we can more fully recognize and appreciate each of these divine aspects of God.

The Road to Life
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