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We are a “GOING and DOING” ministry.  With the help of caring people, we are reaching the unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ along with meeting great needs for a people the world has forgotten.  We are the Lord’s hands to the helpless.  We show His heart to those who need a touch from God.

Orphan sponsorship provides a child with food, clothing, and other living necessities.  When we find these children on the streets, they haven't even brushed their teeth for a very long time. $50 a month will provide a safe place to live, with nourishing food.  These kids will also have the opportunity to go to school.  Sponsorship of $50 monthly will give a hopeful life for these abandoned little tikes.     


Pastors in India take care of their congregations rather than vice versa.  They are consider "father" to their congregation. With so many to take care of on such a limited budget, it is very difficult for pastors to make it. Sponsoring a pastor helps him put food on his table for his family as well as a way to reach many to ensure that the gospel is well-established in the region. Full sponsorship is $100 a month; Half sponsorship is $50 a month.                              

Income for a pastor in India is very small.  The average offering per week is around $5.  There is no way these pastors can afford to build a church to make a place of worship for his congregation. 

The churches start out as a "house" church but when the church outgrows the pastor's house, a building is needed.  The average church will cost around $10,000 to build as long as land has been donated.

Sponsor A Well

Clean water is scarce in India.  Only the rich can afford to buy bottled water or a water purifying system.  Wells provide a clean, fresh source of water to the villages for bathing, and cooking.  Children in these villages are drinking water polluted by the forest animals which is causing parasites and various disease leading to early death.  $1100 is the average cost of a well.  Will you help toward this cost?

Sponsor Bibles

Buy A Bible For A New Believer $5
You can reach India from where you are with the Good News. Take the first step today to put a Holy Bible into the hands of a family in India.  Hundreds are coming into the Kingdom of God daily through our 84 mission stations.  Bibles are a needed tool to disciple the new converts.

Sponsor A Motorcycle

Transportation is crucial to pastors and evangelists traveling to remote villages to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We like to be an agent of blessing to them.  $1100, we can buy a new cycle without the problems that come with used vehicles.  India's roads are really bad and buying a used cycle is only a money pit of repairs for them. With the average income of only $100 a month, it would be impossible for them to afford a vehicle or even repair a used broken one.

Sponsor A Bicycle For An Evangelist

Our evangelists need transportation to go to local villages preaching the Gospel. Most of them have to walk as they don't have any type of vehicle to use. Some need bikes and others need motor scooters or motorcycles. We have purchased many bikes and 5 motor cycles for pastors who travel long distances. Many more are in great need as they travel to as many as 7-8 villages preaching the Gospel in a days time.

Help Build
An Orphanage

Pastors see so many children running the streets in their villages with no place to put them.  We have a number of pastors asking us to help them build an orphanage for these kids.  The average price would be around $15,000.  This is very costly and if you are interested in participating in this ministry, we will start the project when we have enough funds to put the side walls and roof up.  As more funds come in, we will complete the building and purchase all the supplies needed  for the care of the orphans.

Free Medical For
The Poor

The Medical Team provides medicine, medical care, spiritual ministry and prayer for free to those in need. The ministry has many committed volunteers. We are also seeking a few sponsors who will come on board to financially support us with the medical supplies needed. If you'd like to do a one-time donation, the Medical Assistance Program will use funds for doctors, nurses, supplies, equipment, literature and other needs.

AIDS Child Suppport
Food & Clothing For Widows

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We had a chance to minister the love of Jesus to a group of children stricken with AIDS. They know they are dying, but don't know when. It was a hard day for us as our hearts were so moved with compassion for them. They go to school like other children, but everyone, including their families, have excluded them from participating in normal family things. They are segregated in the house with no affection shown to them. We would like to help the AIDS infected children with the school uniforms and books for the coming year. If you could help us with the needs of these children, they can go to school like other normal children.

There are hundreds of destitute widows and elderly in India who every day are living a miserable life. Many are abandoned by their children, and they do not have any relatives to take care of them. Some are begging on the streets and villages for a piece of bread; some die of acute starvation. No one cares for them? We like to give food and clothing to help them.  It will show them that our God is the God who supplies all their needs.

Ginny captured this picture while driving of a young child in the field alone and crying.  Unfortunately, we were unable to stop and assess the situation. This is a typical scene of children abandoned by their family.
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