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Our Vision for Orphan Children

The Mission of Oil of Joy Ministries is to rescue as many abandoned orphan children as we can off the streets of India from a painful life of starvation, abuse and suffering to a life of protection, love and hope.

Meet our Orphans

Mercy Home Orphanage



Anu Orphanage


Date of Birth:  September 11, 2009

Sathya’s father was converted from an idol worship family to Christianity.  While working in a very dangerous job, he lost both his hands and now is unable to work. There is no government help for him or another other assistance, so he is unable to care for his family.  Sathya’s mother is a house maid and financially poor. This child was found by one of our church believer begging for food on the streets and was brought in to our Mercy Home for his complete care.

Vinay N..jpg
Vinay N.


Date of Birth:  September 23, 2004

​Vinay's parents have gotten legally separated because his father was an alcoholic. His mother was not able to take care of him so he was taken care by his uncle and aunt. Due to their own personal burdens and responsibilities, they were also unable to take care of him anymore. So they have put Vinay in our children's home. He was brought to us by his mother.

Pradeep 2018.jpg

Date of Birth:  Unknown

​As of 2017, we believe Pradeep is 8 years old.  His mother, being a single parent, was not able to take care of him. She had no job and Pradeep was undernourished.  Through the help of a friend, she brought Pradeep to our home for his well being.  He is enjoying his stay with us and is now in school.

Sam Theja.JPG
Sam Theja

Date of Birth: August 15, 2007

Sam is from a very orthodox idol worship family. His father passed away 4 years ago and his mother is physically disabled and presently under the care of his grandmother. The grandmother has no income and unable to handle both her daughter’s care and Sam’s care because of financial instability. Sam was brought to our orphanage by our Lady Evangelist. He certainly needs full care.

Prakash A.

Date of Birth:  October 5, 2006

Prakash's father deserted his family and joined with another woman and moved away.  His mother Padma, a deserted women, was challenged  to live and to give a better life and atmosphere to her 2 sons, Prakash and Vijay.  But she was suffering and facing lots of hardships and financial crisis for her daily life.  She could barely feed herself let alone her two boys. She ask Mercy Home to take both her sons into the orphanage and give them a good, safe home to live with a hopeful future. Prakash needs full sponsorship.

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Dharshan S. 2018.jpg

Date of Birth:  December 18, 2005

Dharshan is a semi orphan boy. His mother is very poor and works as a dishwasher going house to house trying to earn enough money to survive.  She only makes $25 a month and that barely feeds her let along Dharshan. She just couldn’t care for him and he was begging for food.  She finally brought him to our Anu orphanage for his survival.


Pavan Kumar_edited.jpg
Pavan Kumar

Date of Birth:  July 25, 2001

Pavan comes from a very orthodox idol worship family.  His father and mother separated many years ago and upon the divorce, he was literally abandoned by both of them.  There was no future for him. Finally, someone brought the child to the home and now he is going to school and is very happy and he needs full care and sponsor for his bright future.  He recently lost his sponsorship and will need another sponsor until he is done with high school and can make it on his own.

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Date of Birth:  October 26, 2003

Vikram is a semi-orphan child.  He lost his father due to alcoholism and his mother to heart problems.  She went somewhere and we still don't know where she lives. There was no future for Vikram until somebody brought him to our orphanage.  Today he is enjoying education, shelter, and the gospel. He needs full care and sponsorship.


Date of Birth:  August 8, 2006

Karthick comes from a very orthodox idol worship family. His father abandoned the whole family and mother is mentally disabled.  Karthick was totally abandoned.  He comes from another District in Karnataka and a very poor background.  He is underprivileged, no proper food and shelter and there was no proper help for his education and future. So, one of our missionary found him and brought him to us. Therefore, this child is under our complete care.

Date of Birth:  April 12, 2003

Manjunath's parents passed away due to chronic heart problems and Manjunath become an abandoned child. There was no future or care for this child.  He went through many hardships and finally his relatives brought him to the orphanage home where he enjoys schooling and good care. He needs full care and sponsorship. He recently lost his sponsorship and need another one until he graduates high school and can get a good job.

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Birthday:  August 19, 2005


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Allwin John.jpg
Allwin John

Birthday:  October 29, 2002

Allwin was living in a remote area with his parents.  The father was a driver but due to personal issues, he left them and ran away to an unknown place.  His uncle brought him to his house but as days passed, he became a financial burden to him so Allwin was brought to Anu Children’s Home.  His mother also left to another city but does come twice a year to visit him.  He lost his sponsor and needs a new one until he is old enough to get through school and get a job.

Vijay Sarathy.jpg


Vijay Sarathy

Date of Birth:  3/9/2008

Vijay, is the son of late Selvaraj and his mother’s name is Nagajothi.  She is a widow living in a rural area village in Tamil Nadu and is greatly struggling for her survival. She was facing much hardship to take care of her child. She comes from an idle worshipping background and strongly followed the village traditions and custom. Through a traveling evangelist, she accepted Jesus Christ as her savior and was given courage to trust for her survival. However she couldn’t care for her son properly.  He was found with improper clothing and food. She begs us to have mercy on him and to take him into our orphanage for his survival.

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Venu G. 2019.jpg
Venu G.

Date of Birth:  December 3, 2009

Venu's father died due to over drinking.  He stays with his mother and his younger brother.  They are very economically backward.  His mother is suffering from various kinds of diseases.  Even though she is a patient, she is working as a coolie to fed her children.  Because of her financial condition, she asked us to take care of him. Venu was barely getting one meal a day.

Sunil S. 2019.jpg
Sunil S.

Date of Birth: January 1, 2009

Sunil's father is a drunkard and jobless.  He is suffering from kidney disease and his mother is working as a housemaid.  He has 2 brothers. They are very economically backward.  So her mother is unable to send these children to school because she cannot even feed them let along send them to school or cloth them.  She asked us to take care of Sunil.

Sunil N. 2019.jpg
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Sunil N.

Date of Birth:  April 3, 2011

Sunil's father died of cancer and his mother is alive.  She is suffering from stomach cancer.  She is being taken care of by her neighbor.  She cannot work and is unable to take for her child.  She asked us to take care of her son as she knows her time is short.

Sunharson Gowda 2019.jpg
Sudharson Gowda

Date of Birth:  September 6, 2013

Sudharson's father abandoned the family as soon as he was born.  His mother is working as a coolie and taking care of three children.  She came to our church one day and shared her story with us. She was going to commit suicide along with her children.  We shared the Gospel with her and decided to take Sudharson into our orphanage.

Prashanth 2019.jpg

Date of Birth:  October 13, 2011

Prashanth's father is intoxicated all the time and doesn't supply food for the family.  His mother is a handicapped woman.  He was found begging for food on the street of this village.  We were asked to take him into our orphanage for his survival.

Prasanna Raj 2019.jpg
Prasanna Raj

Date of Birth:  August 21, 2013

Prasanna's father is a chain drunkard and has stomach cancer.  He is jobless.  His mother is a housemaid.  He has one elder sister.  The parents cannot fed both the children or give them any basic needs.  They approached us to take Prasanna into our orphanage.

Naveen G. 2019.jpg
Naveen G.

Date of Birth:  July 27, 2008

Naveen's father died due to over drinking. He was living with his mother and younger brother.  His mother is suffering from various kinds of diseases and still works as a coolie to feed her children.  She is struggling all alone to care for them and she asked us to take Naveen into our orphanage.

Charan S. 2019.jpg
Charan S.

Date of Birth:  September 2012

Charan's father is a drunkard, jobless and roams on the road side begging for money to support his habit.  His mother is a patient and falls sick very often.  There is no food in the home to take care of the child's basic needs.  He was begging for food on the streets of the village.  She asked us to care for Charan for his survival.

Manjunath M. 2019.jpg
Manjunath M.

Date of Birth:  August 24, 2009 

Manjunath's father died to sickness. He lives with his mother and younger brother.  They are from an economically backward class.  They live in a hut which is very dangerous.  They have no proper food or accommodation.  She is unable to take care of her children.  When we visited her place, she requested us to take care of Manjunath. He is now in Grace Home.

Gangadharan C. 2019.jpg
Gangadharan C.

Date of Birth:  April 14, 2011

Gangadharan's mother is mentally disabled and his father is a chain drunkard and jobless.  They are unable to care for this young boy.  They approached us to take care of Gangadharan.  We took him into Grace Home.

Chandhu S. 2019.jpg
Chandhu S.

Date of Birth:  January 1, 2007

Chandhu's father has kidney problems and is jobless.  His mother is a coolie with minimum wages.  She is unable to feed herself or her children.  We were asked to care for Chandhu.  We took him into Grace Home.

Charan N..jpg
Charan N.

Date of Birth: 

Charan's mother died due to seeing the conditions of Charan's growth.  She was mentally disturbed by seeing her own child with mental illness.  His father deserted him with his old grandmother.  She is 70 years old and she is also an orphan and unable to care for him. She lives in a hut.  Her conditions are very backward.  She was introduced to our church and asked us to care for Charan.  He is now in Grace Home.