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Current News

November 2019

Current Picture of Pastor John and his family. He sends his love to all the sponsors and said 'thank you for all your support'.
Pastor Danush received enough funds from OJM to complete the roof on the new church.  They are currently working on it.  The next thing we will need to do is secure the church.  Christmas is coming up and there are concerned about terrorist attacks during this season. Please keep this in your prayers.
Pastor Yasahupatham has completed the roof on his church and need to secure it before the Christmas season.  Please keep this in your prayers.  The devil gets angry during this time of season when the Indians go all out to celebrate Jesus.  They need protections against these extremists.
Pastor Purushothaman received enough funds to complete his roof and also secure the church with doors, windows and of course bars on the windows.  He also received enough to finish the floor. The only thing left is the electrical, and plastering.  We are so grateful for the funds a sponsor gave to nearly complete this church.  When I was in India, this pastor told me that he had faith to believe that God would complete the church by Christmas. May his faith see it done.
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