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Sponsor A Pastor or Evangelist

Violence against Christian believers is very real in India.  Village churches and private Christian homes are being destroyed and church leaders are being threatened.  We are leading efforts to find sponsors for these Christian pastors and evangelist who “labor in the fields” to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  By supplying enough to meet their daily bread, we give them the freedom to evangelize.  If you are a Christian in India, you are considered an enemy of the country.  These pastors are mocked, beaten, and threated almost daily.  They venture in to territories where their very life is at stake sometimes.  No jobs will be given to Christians and so even their congregations are without jobs.  This leaves the pastors to be a "father" figure and a representation of the love of God the Father to them and places a great burden on the pastors to help provide for their needs.  For just $100 a month you can provide an Indian pastor and his family with full support--enabling them to devote their time to ministry. Sponsors are a gift from God who help meet many of their needs. 

Be their gift from God!
Pastor John Joseph - Lead Pastor for OJM

Pastor John is a pastor in Karnataka, S. India.  He is the main reason for Oil of Joy being in India; our main contact for all the ministry we do there. He has an apostolic anointing and has raised up 84 outreach mission stations throughout India in six different States from the time we started supporting him.  By the grace of God, he is preaching and teaching the Word of God in 10 different places each week.  God is using him in the prophetic, deliverance and healing ministries.  He is also working among the youth and adults throughout India.  He has the zeal to reach the unreachable of India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Because of his apostolic calling, he needs multiple sponsors to support his travel and ministry expenses. 

Pastor Yesupatham

Pastor Yesupathan once was a strong Hindu.  He graduated with a B.A. Every year he used to go to the idle temples constructed in the mountains for pilgrims service and would come back with his head shaved. Fortunately, a servant of God gave him a gospel tract containing the Gospel of eternal life in Jesus Christ. He started meditating on it and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Finally he became more interested in serving God. He was baptized in 1986 and joined with his pastor & team to serve the Lord. After more prayer he was moved to some villages to share his testimony and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Finally he received the call to move to Badrapally village and establish a church. The area is full of poor people and the majority were daily wagers (coolies). In the growing church nearly 35 believers were attending. He also purchased a piece of land for the future church building. Now he is conducting the worship under the dry coconut leaf roofing.  He needs a sponsor to uphold his ministry and family.

Pastor Viji

Pastor Viji comes from a very orthodox idol worship high level community.  This community never believes in Jesus because they belong to a high cast religion.  These are the people of untouchability as they treat Christians as lower community people and they hate the Christians.  The family suffered a lot of hardships, poverty, debts and curses.  He decided to die because he had no future or job during this time.  One of our evangelists visited and shared the Gospel and he accepted Jesus and believed in His miracle working power.  In the beginning, his family opposed him saying not to accept Jesus as He was a foreign God. But this man never gave up and started praying earnestly for his family.  Finally the whole family accepted Jesus Christ.  In 1997 he was baptized and dedicated his life to Jesus to serve Him.  Now he  is ministering in different villages, conducting prayer cells, hospital visiting, fasting and prayers days and Gospel outreach ministries to the youth.  He now is waiting for a wife. 

Pastor Jayapaul

From Childhood, Pastor Jayapaul was a strong Hindu devotee and totally against Christianity. His family is very big and advanced in all Hindu religious activities. He joined with a corruptible friend who was involved in all smuggling activities, like cement smuggling and other items. Unfortunately, he was caught by the police and put in jail. In jail he was very unhappy and starting to think that he needed to see a change in his life.  At that time, one servant of Jesus Christ visited the prison and spoke about how he could have a new and holy life through Jesus Christ. He accepted the Lord and started to pray.  Jesus answered all his prayers and reduced his punishment from 6 month to 15 days. After his return home, he was baptized and started attending church. After some years, God gave him a vision to do His ministry in Chittor villages, specifically in Kuvagal village. He needs a sponsor to uphold his ministry and family. Now 35 people are attending Church. His ministry has a lot of opposition.  Kindly pray for him.

Pastor Raja

Pastor Raja comes from a idol worship community. He was  illiterate with no education in his life.  He comes from a very poor and afflicted family.  In the year 1995 when he was working as a electrician, he had a fire accident.  He was severely burnt and almost lost his life.  He had no hope for survival. The doctor said that he would not live.  The condition was very bad but someone visited the hospital with the Gospel & prayed over him and he believed the prayer and the good news of Jesus. The Lord God touched him and healed him.  From that day on wards he believed Jesus and accepted him as his personal savior. Then he committed his total life to Jesus to serve him and now, as a family, he is serving God in his rural village. He takes the gospel house to house and has Bible studies along with spending the whole night in prayer and fasting. He has 2 girls and 1 boy.

Pastor Elevarasu

Pastor Elavarasu comes from orthodox idol worship in a poor uneducated community.  He was anti-Christian and never believed in Jesus Christ.  When he was sick and bedridden in the hospital, he heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a visiting evangelist.  He accepted Jesus as a living savior.  He eventually heard God tell him to come and serve him as a pastor but he ignored the called.  He came across many trials, sufferings, and hardships during this time.  He finally submitted to God and now carries the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many rural villages.  He goes house-to-house preaching the saving grace of the Lord even during much opposition and sufferings He has one son who is mentally retarded.  He needs sponsor to take care of his family and the ministry’s needs.

Mr. Mohan - Security Guard for
Mercy Home Orphanage

Because of the dangerous area our orphanage is located in, we need a security guard on the premise all the time. Mr Mohan comes from an idol worshiping community where there was no Gospel of Jesus Christ in those provinces. He never heard about Jesus until the day he accepted Jesus Christ. He comes from very poor family background. He was under a very heavy financial crisis for many years and fell into great sickness.  One of his neighbors told him about Jesus and he began to slowly believed but very secretly.  And then in the year 1996 he and his family accepted Jesus Christ after he received many miracles in his life. In the year 2003 his wife died of a heart attack leaving him with four girls to care for. Then after so many hardships, 3 of the children got married. He is one of our strong prayer partners today and he joined in our ministries as a security guard.  He needs to take care of his old mother and daughter and so we hired him to secure our orphanage.  He needs $125 monthly for a salary.  The work is more than full time as he lives on the orphanage grounds in a small room outside the orphanage building.


Pastor Christu Dass

Pastor Christu comes from an idol worship community. He heard the Gospel through some of his friends in the school he was attending and accepted Jesus Christ as a savior in 1999. Since he comes from a  very rural village, he wanted to take the living Gospel of Jesus Christ back into the same villages where he grew up. He got a vision to take the gospel into the unreached places and to plant churches and other social activities to bring salvation in the lives of his own community of people. He concentrates in 8 rural villages even in the midst of so much suffering and persecution. So he needs a sponsor to take care of his family and the ministries.

Pastor James

Pastor James comes from strong idol worship family.  There are very poor and downtrodden. He was an abandoned child from a very young age.  During that time, he came down with the severe sickness of Typhoid.  Because he was uncared for, he became disabled and is still to this day.  He is a bachelor and has never married.  He lost his father when he was a teen.  He accepted Jesus in the 1992.  He was finally united with his family and the whole family has now accepted Jesus Christ and are committed to serve Him. He is doing Gospel ministries and the church ministries as a full-time servant of God.  Many idol worship people have accepted Jesus Christ through him and his testimonies. He lives in a remote village where there is no Gospel and much opposition. So he needs a sponsor to take care of his family and the ministries.

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