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Doug's Tidbits: Who Is My Brother?

Ginny returned this year from India with a greater burden then ever for these people. While much good has been done in India, there is so much more to do and we must all be a part of it in some way.

India is truly a poor country if measured by our standards, but when you have never known plenty, you don't really know that you are poor. I can certainly say that from my own experience as a young boy growing up on a farm in Kansas. I had holes in my jeans because I wore them out; today, the kids buy their jeans with holes in them because they think it's cool.

If you are like me, you are probably scratching your head and asking why? The people of India know that they don't have much but they do appreciate everything that they have. I didn't care that I had holes in my jeans; I was just glad to have a pair of jeans. Financially, the people of India are poor but spiritually, they are rich beyond measure.

Ginny has said many times, they have so much more faith then we do. Why, because they really do depend on the Lord for everything they have. But I would like to remind everyone who reads this that we are Christ's representatives on this earth and it is our responsibility to help our brothers, be they the brother next door or our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world. Just like the early believers, it is our responsibility to help the church in Jerusalem.

Think about what you can do. I think there will be something that you can do which will make a difference.

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