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Preach The Word: Be Instant In Season, Out Of Season

On my recent trip to India with Ginny, I got to see the manifestations of how God’s word is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing. (Heb 4:12) During our very first meeting God not only showed up but He showed off and took all of the credit. When I had to speak to this church of about seventy five people in an impromptu setting, He filled my mouth with His prophetic words. I had no ideal that the pastor there needed encouraging and was struggling but the Lord did, and so He allows me to deliver a word of hope and blessings for His plans to this pastor and the future of his church. Since our visit, God has remained faithful to His promise and has blessed this pastor with the resources needed to continue the work that he is doing for Him in India. God is so faithful. When we are obedient to His calling and allow Him to prove who He is, we can not fail.

When Ginny delivered the word on “Being Made into His Image” she covered every area from our fallen sinful state that we were in, to the new creation we can become and every process that happens in between when our soul man wars against our spirit man. The pastors in Orissa will never be the same as they receive this revelation of a born again spirit.

Pastor John message on “Who is an Ambassador for Christ” was certainly a powerful word delivered also at the pastors conferences. It reminded us that we are all ambassador for Him. We just have to make ourselves available when we hear and feel that tugging on our hearts to answer the call.

When you see a demonic set free and people running to the alter for prayer, children with aids being touch and people longing for a touch from God, we know that the Word is piercing their hearts. Why? God tells us that His Word is followed with the demonstration of the Spirit and power (1 Corinthians 2:4).

When we are faithful to preach the Word in its season, we are seasoning others with the salt of the Word. Since the word never returns to Him void and accomplishes what it says, we can expect to see sign, miracles, and wonders.

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