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Who Is A Christ Ambassador?

Dearly Beloved in Christ,

I would like to take this opportunity to share a few words of exhortation to encourage you to acknowledge and stand firm in our calling for the sake of His Kingdom.

The meaning of "Ambassador" is one who is sent as a representative of a king, authority, nation or the people of the certain community. Every nation has ambassadors and every king has ambassadors. These ambassadors will speak or intercede on behalf of their nation, king or people to bring peace, harmony and good fellowship. What are the duties of these ambassadors, for they have great responsibility and accountability?

1. This is a very responsible job. Every ambassador has great responsibilities for their own king, kingdom or the nation in order to rescue the people from enmity. He takes the command from the place where he has been sent to be very sensitive in all his responsibilities. So, in like manner Jesus Christ became very responsible for His own people to redeem His children.

2. This is a very informative job. He knows all the information of the nation or the king when he stands as an ambassador. He has to know all the information of the land and the people and in this way he is able to stand before the king to intercede for the people. He should know all the ins and outs, weaknesses and strengths and any other information needed. Otherwise, he will not be able to face the king. Jesus knew all the information of mankind and that is why He is able to intercede for His own people to His Father according to John 17:23-24.

3. This is a very confidential work. He should be very confidential and faithful to his people, the king and the nation because he knows all the secrets and the information of the nation. In this way, he is able to protect the nation from the enemy and is able to preserve the nation from strangers. Jesus Christ was very confidential to His Father and that's why Father God trusted Him with a great job.

4. This is a covenant making job. He is the one who should prepare or make a peace covenant or agreement between the nations or people in order to bring peace and harmony and to bring and develop good relations. He is the one who deals with and takes care of all the things pertaining to the nation. So Jesus Christ came to make covenant between His children and this covenant made by His holy blood was through the cross.

5. He is the one who bears his master's banner. He will not speak on his own. He will not boast of himself nor tell something about himself. Rather, he will always speak about his king, the nation, circumstances and the conditions of the place he has been sent. He will fulfill his king's purpose for the sake of the nation. Jesus Christ did the same thing. He didn't speak of Himself but He always spoke about His Father. He came to fulfill the desires and the purposes of His Father. He didn't build His own kingdom but God's kingdom.

6. He is the one who pleads for his people. He always cries for the people. He always intercedes or speaks for his own people in order to bring blessings and deliverance; interceding for the perishing people; interceding for the slave and for the sake of others. Jesus Christ pleaded for His own people.

7. He is the one who accepts shame for his king. He is willing to accept all sorts of shame and sufferings towards his kingdom's business as it says in the book of 1 Chronicle 19:2-4, they bored shame and oppression as they went to comfort Hanun for his master's sake. Jesus Christ bore all our sin, shame, sufferings and all the iniquities for the sake of His Father's business.

8. He is the one who need to stands in the night. His duty is to stand in the night times; standing during the last days of evil; the dark period; the days of evil, before the open door shuts. He will stand in the gap for the sake of the nation and the people. Jesus Christ stood in the gap day and night and in every hour to His Father.

9. He is the wise man. He must be very wise in doing all of his duties in the foreign land. He should present himself very wisely before the people; wisely handling the authority given to him. Jesus Christ acted very wisely while he was on the earth and about His Father's business.

10. He is the one who protects his own people. His main responsibilities are to protect his people from all problems and circumstances; preserving and safe guarding the nation and the people from the cunningness of the great enemy. Jesus Christ came to protect and preserve His people from evil and from the world. Jesus Christ came as a Representative and Ambassador from Heaven, from His Father the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, in order to gather His own people. He came as the very first Ambassador from above and suffered shame to redeem His people. He came to this world in the form of a child in this season of Christmas. Now that He has gone back to heaven, this responsibility has been given over to us to be faithful ambassadors for His kingdom.

Let us be responsible and faithful bearing our Master's banner; a true pleader and ambassador for Christ in this world. I ask the Lord God of Host to grant all the grace and anointing to you in this Christmas season.

May God bless you and keep you!

Your Humble Servant of God, Pastor John Joseph - India

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